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Reliance Engineering Service does much more than elevator and escalator repair. We specialize in maintenancemodernization and new installations — all with safety and precision in mind. RES is full service so we also provide consultation, planning, and project management for work done on elevators and escalators.

Here are just some of the reasons why Reliance Engineering Service is the name to trust:

  • Careful logistics planning that focuses on your property’s unique needs
  • Staying on schedule and adhering to a comprehensive plan
  • Safety inspections that are detailed and never rushed
  • Smooth post-installation process that includes performance testing by our certified technicians
  • Expert maintenance that ensures maximum functionality and take preemptive measures

Do your require service for your building’s elevator or escalator? RES is available by phone 24/7 to address any issue


Bored of your old elevator look? Is the elevator in your building too slow in this fast-moving world?
Need not worry! We offer you solutions to give a modern look with improved performance, reliability, safety, energy savings and up-to date interior finishes. Be it a complete system upgrade or adding new individual items, based on your budget, we give you a customized modernization solution to enhance riding comfort and safety


A broken elevator/ escalator slows the whole building down. That’s why our team of certified technicians are on-call 24/7 to provide maintenance services. From schools, hospitals and condominiums rely on RES to keep their elevators and escalators running.

Our preventative maintenance program is designed so our clients don’t encounter any issues long after installation is complete. RES maintenance program offers the following:

Regularly scheduled check-ups to ensure your elevator or escalator is in full operation

Compliance inspections to determine whether your elevator meets international standards

Our service vehicles are well-equipped and stocked with all major parts and components that may be required

Ongoing suggestions to improve the lifecycle of your elevator or escalator that minimize your maintenance costs


Improve Safety

Your elevator or escalator must comply with international  standards to move employees, customers, and residents in your building. In some cases, your elevator can be shut down if it does not meet safety standards. Avoid a slowdown with the RES Elevator maintenance program. Our mechanics will be on site monthly to ensure your device is running smooth and safe.


Maximize Efficiency

An elevator/escalator that runs efficiently will cause less stress to the owners and tenants. However, without regular maintenance, your elevator/escalator can breakdown over time. RES maintenance team will monitor for wear and tear, and come prepared with the necessary replacement parts to solve a problem before it even becomes one. By using non-proprietary parts, you can rest assured that any required parts are always accessible and never too far away. We call this our “Freedom of Choice Guarantee”.

Long-Term Savings

A lack of maintenance can lead to costly repairs. RES uses preventative maintenance measures to ensure that all elevator components have been well taken care of and maintained. Our goal is to maximize the life expectancy of all elevator components. RES will work with you regularly to prevent issues before they start.

Our maintenance program is not one-size-fits-all; we offer a wide range of options so you can choose what’s best for you. All our plans are customizable so you’re always in control of the schedule and cost. Let RES tailor a preventative maintenance program that keeps your building moving.


RES is the name to trust for outstanding Elevator and Escalator installation for building owners. A new building needs a trustworthy and reliable elevator or escalator at its core to keep the flow moving. You can trust the experts to get the job done right. Our company provides freight and passenger elevators to countless building owners.

Expert Project Management

From the moment our team steps onto the job site to the last test run of your new elevator/escalator, RES always aims to please.

You will be provided with expert drawings that respect your property’s existing layout. Our team of mechanics will then provide you with customized solutions tailored to your building’s unique requirements.


Premium Parts

When you choose RES for your new elevator installation, we will use the best parts available. Our team uses only high-quality materials that are non-proprietary. All equipment is available for purchase by  our principal company. Our well-stocked vehicles carry all main parts so they are readily available when needed. Here are some other benefits of signing on with RES:

  • We provide all parts needed for maintenance and troubleshooting
  • No elevator installation will have expiring software, degrading operation, or special access codes